Fence Repairs

One of the most common calls we get is for repairing or replacing existing fences. Miami Fence Experts specializes in cost effective and repairs to your fencing. From repair to installation, we give our customers the highest quality workmanship. We are here to help with your fencing repair needs, fell free to request a stress free estimate!

Gates of All Types

Gates are used for many applications and can vary drastically in size.  Regardless of your needs, Miami Fence Experts has the staff and knowledge to build the perfect gate for your needs. Need an automated gate?  No problem! We have qualified service technicians for before, during, and after the sale. We are more than capable of servicing your gated entry needs. Please call us at (786) 472-2004 with questions or service calls.

Wood Fences

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Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences have been gaining popularity for quite some time due to their ease to maintain and high quality appearance. Many homeowners or businesses choose them over iron fences, wood fences, composite fences, and chain link fences for their hassle-free maintenance, curb appeal, and many choices of design.

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are one of the most economical choices available for fencing. This type of fence also requires very little maintenance, and can be modified to look attractive. For security purposes, it’s hard to beat a chain link fence.

However, chain link fences are not the most attractive design compared to vinyl fences, wood fences, composite fences and iron fences.

Iron or Aluminum Fences

Iron and/or aluminum fences normally require a larger upfront investment than the other fencing choices available and are much more susceptible to damage without proper maintenance.

However, these types of fencing provide a much more stylish and customized look than other fencing options making them the ideal choice for  enclosing pools and gardens. The proper application of iron and aluminum fences will provide a very elegant looks and drastically enhance the elegance of your property or architecture.

Custom Kennels

Whether your are a professional animal care taker or a pet owner, Miami Fence Experts can build a kennel system tailored to your needs. We build and install all of our custom kennel enclosures to order.  Our kennel systems are professional fabricated using only the highest grade materials.  Lastly, we offer both portable and stationary kennel systems.

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