Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many different types/styles of fence are there?

A: There are many, many styles of fences.  Some of the most popular are:

  • Vinyl Fences – these are relatively new to the fencing industry and is probably the easiest style to maintain.
  • Wood Fences – many varieties of styles and heights.
  • Chain Link Fences – offers a few options for coating and can have inserts for more privacy
  • Aluminium/Steel Fences – usually chosen for the best look or design.  Much more decorative than the other options.

Q: How long will my fence last?

A: So many factors determine the length of the life of your fence. Some of the influential factors are soil & climate. You can expect a properly installed fence that is maintained in the correct manner to last a very long time. Your Miami Fence Experts will be able to help you decide type of fence will best serve your needs for the longest time possible.

Q: What style of fence will keep my dog confined while maintain my view?

A: The best option for this is a chain link fence.  To enhance the appearance, you could choose to include a green or black vinyl coating.  Keep in mind, Miami Fence Experts also specialize in custom built kennels.

Q: Do I need to get a permit for my fence installation or repair?

A: No, Miami Fence Pros will get all of the necessary permits for the job.

Q: Is a land survey provided?

A: While we would love to make this part of our service, we are not land surveyors. However, we can assist in getting a survey ordered for your property at a very reasonable cost.